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Hello! I’m Kristin. (Kristin KC on Goodreads) I’m a proud mommy and wife, and a very hopeful writer-to-be!

Pieces of Me

– I love to read/write/draw
– I’m extremely obsessed with Halloween and the Fall makes me happy and nostalgic
– I prefer coffee over beer. I’m THAT person at a party.
– I love cold pillows way more than the average cold-pillow-lover.
– My 4 year old daughter is my bestest friend and it’s staying that way.
– I would do absolutely nothing for a Klondike bar — they’re overrated.
– I prefer reading to television, but I am addicted to Forensic Files and kiddie shows.
– I buddy read with my 86 year old grandmother. She has no limits.
– I’ve always been somewhat of an introvert, but books bring out my inner passion. Non-readers just don’t get the obsession to read, nor the impulse to talk about it!

I’m always open for book suggestions of any kind, so feel free to pass a good rec along. My favorite types of books are those which speak to me; ones that I not only devour, but become devoured by. I’m a sucker for a good romance, but any piece of writing that makes me feel something is what I search for most.

I rate books according to how they’ve impacted me. I don’t have any rules as a reader although I typically shy away from stories involving illness. (I’m a bit on the neurotic side!)11490e6a7d5364164e058700840aed2d But I do enjoy all sorts of plots–especially those which step outside of the box.

I love to love my fictional characters, but don’t always have to. Sometimes a story can speak volumes on its own. I have a strong appreciation for the simple things in life and would happily take a cup-a-coffee and a book over a crazy night out any day/everyday.

Rainy-day-reading makes life even sweeter!

Rating and Reviewing:

The purpose of my reviews are to not only display my genuine opinions of a book, but to provide readers with enough unbiased information to ultimately decide for themselves.

Each of my reviews are honest but respectful, and spoiler-free.

If I don’t finish a book for whatever reason, I will refrain from rating but will likely leave a brief explanation.

About Pretty Words:

I’ve decided to keep this blog fairly simple and dedicate it largely to reviewing, discussions, posting some awesome book sales, and hosting giveaways.

That said, I will participate in blog tours/cover reveals for those books I have a true desire to read and am lucky enough to take part in!


 I also have this delicious habit…


I’m 100% addicted to ebooks, although I often find myself longing for the smell and feel of a physical book. (Weird?) If you love reading as much as I do, feel free to join me here so we can chat about it! 🙂



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