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In the Fields by Willow Aster

*3.5 Stars*

Okay, so maybe this wasn’t an overall love-fest for me, but I started out loving, and I ended up loving, so that’s something, right?

Because the beginning of this book was blow-my-mind beautiful, and the ending turned out to be just as touching. But somewhere in the middle I got lost in the tragedy piled upon tragedy, and a few over-the-top scenarios.

In The Fields is a heartbreaking love story set in the 1970’s that represents a time period where interracial couples were not only frowned upon but considered intensely and morally “wrong”.

Caroline and Isaiah meet as kids and fall into a tender young love which they are forced to keep hidden due to their racial differences.

Caroline’s childhood was pretty much non-existent, as she spent her youth neglected by her selfish parents who left her no choice but to mature before her time and take care of herself.

This aspect of the story was executed wonderfully and broke my heart a thousand times over–as storylines involving the abuse of children typically do.

What I didn’t particularly enjoy was the repetitive use of certain plot devices, such as characters running away from one another. Although the initial separations seemed justified, the ones following grew redundant.

That said, this book held many wonderful qualities:
• A strong, intelligent, sweet and humble heroine–and a hero to match.
• Messages of acceptance/never giving up.
• A strong, expansive plot that really felt evolved by the finish.
• And diverse characters who’ll make you love them, hate them, and really feel their presence.

Even with its multiple tragedies, this story still evoked a very peaceful and calming overall feel, and I can see why so many readers have adored this one.

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Book Stats:

▪ Genre/Category: Romance/NA
▪ Steam Caliber: Fairly clean
▪ Romance: Sweet but “forbidden” young love.
▪ Characters: Very well developed and lovable.
▪ Plot: Set in the 1970’s. A young interracial couple struggle to be together.
▪ Writing: Simple yet powerful, with a graceful flow.
▪ POV: 1st Person: Heroine
▪ Cliffhanger: None. Standalone.

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