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Forever and a Day (Lucky Harbor Book 6) by Jill Shalvis

:•:•: 3.5 Stars :•:•:

Sex first, love later…

I was searching for a light, fun, happy romance with just a bit of steam, and Forever And a Day delivered exactly that.

Grace comes to Harbor Falls looking to have some fun, and not much more. In need of some extra cash, she agrees to dog-sit for the town’s gorgeous doctor, Josh Scott, who also happens to be a single father and the caretaker of his handicapped younger sister.

Josh and Grace seem to get off on the wrong foot, but that doesn’t stop the sparks from flying between them. A sexual relationship ensues, but Josh has no time for a girlfriend, and Grace is intent on keeping things casual since she has no plans to remain in town for long.

This was my first book by Jill Shalvis, and although I enjoyed it for the most part, the writing didn’t necessarily wow me. I did adore the playful connection between Josh and Grace, but the relationship between Grace and her “besties” felt slightly forced and, at times, corny.

The plot was simple and quite predictable, but did manage to hold my interest. The romance between the hero and heroine sizzled and I had fun watching it blossom into more.

The tribute to “cupcakes” was adorable, but eventually headed into overkill city—even for this die-hard cupcake lover. Every chapter kicked off with a quote about chocolate, and each low moment in the story was handled by eating cupcakes. I’m unsure as to whether or not this is a theme in the series since I haven’t read the previous books, and as cool as it was (I really do love cupcakes), I did find it sort of random.

That said, this was a sweet read that made me smile, and we can all use that every now and again!

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Book Stats:

▪  Genre/Category: Contemporary Romance
▪  Steam Caliber: Fairly steamy
▪ Romance: Sweet and slow
▪  Characters: Hero is a busy doctor, heroine becomes his dog walker.
▪  Plot: Sex first, love later
▪ Writing: Decent
▪ POV: 3rd Person Perspective
▪  Cliffhanger: None. May be read as standalone
▪ Next Installment: Ali & Luke

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