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Where One Goes by B.N. Toler

*4 Stars!*

This isn’t just another romance novel. Where One Goes is an exceptionally beautiful love story that builds a unique world through the elements of love, loss, and healing.

Yes, the heroine communicates with the dead — souls who have yet to cross-over due to “unfinished business”– but this story has more of a spiritual tone than a supernatural one.

Yes, there is a bit of a love triangle, but it’s NOT a threat since one of the heroes is … well, dead.

YES, this book sucked me in, held my interest, kept me on my toes, broke my heart and warmed it all at once, then had me reluctant to turn that last page and say goodbye…and I devoured every single bit of it!

*Some things I LOVED*
– a smart heroine who is just as sassy as she is sweet
– 2 super sexy heroes who happen to be twins, but each have a different persona and set of struggles
– a perfectly executed, sexy, slow-building romance that was 100% worth the tantalizing wait
– adorable jealous moments involving a brooding, broken hero
– the many laugh out loud moments that balanced out the tone
– family and small town togetherness, which I always love!
– a beautifully touching plot that made me feel even after closing the book…

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