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Some Girls AreSome Girls Are by Courtney Summers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*5 Stars*

I need a Tum.

Because that was some serious high school insanity.

Some Girls Are…mean, and genuinely fucked up—and this story is a solid testament to that. But it’s also a very realistic portrayal of the ugly side of high school, and, more specifically, the vicious cycle of bullying.

I’m gonna go ahead and five-star this book for the simple reason that I could NOT put it down. The GENIUS writing style is what made this one shine, for me: compelling and raw, edgy and intense … I swallowed it up whole.

Hallowell High: You’re either someone or you’re not.

Meet Regina: A popular high school senior whose social status entirely plummets after only a single party. Regina goes from bully to bullied overnight, as she finds herself walking the footsteps of those she’s hurt in the past…

And it’s a living nightmare.

Regina’s pain was so palpable, I could literally taste the bitterness that was spewed upon her, and feel the sharp sting of rejection from her peers. Her character was flawed, and there were many times I didn’t like her.

But she was also afraid … so afraid, she allowed the opinions of others to define her.

I really felt for Regina, and I appreciated the fact that her character didn’t improve within a chapter or two, but instead evolved at a slow, believable pace. I still wouldn’t say she’s “cured” from all her demons, and that’s what brought this story to life … the fact that its occurrences mimicked “life”, and tended to stray from the typical fictional YA-formula.

It’s not very often an author can throw out terms such as
“we’re the kind of popular that makes our peers unable to sleep at night”
, and not ignite a dramatic eye roll within me…

BUT, this story is written in such a way where you can tell the author gets it. She knows how ridiculous and dangerous this behavior is, and yet she makes no excuses. She’s not afraid to embarrass her heroine; not hesitant to put her in the wrong. It never felt like we were getting a “prettied” up version for the sake of a morally sound story. No, we don’t have to admire this narrator, but we’re damn sure gonna get a realistic portrayal of her shortcomings…and I really loved that.

He came here quiet — not shy, but removed, above it all. Like he just didn’t care about us.

The romance in this story is gentle and young, but its value touched me. Michael is a lonely outcast who has been thoroughly drenched in false accusations. He hates the girl who sparked these lies—Regina. But as these two form an unlikely relationship, Regina finds there’s a lot to learn about herself in the process.

In high school, you don’t get to change. You only get to walk variations of the same lines everyone has already drawn for you.

I can see why some readers may have been left unsatisfied with this story’s ending, but I must admit, I thought it was perfect! I’m a strong believer in the less-is-more theory, and I find that an overkill ending tends to weaken the story’s power.

In this case, I was given enough finality to feel the story was complete, but was still left to wonder about the characters a little…and that’s what keeps me in their world.

A captivating read!

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Book Stats:

▪  Genre/Category: Young Adult
▪  Steam Caliber: Clean and sweet
▪ Romance: Young, complicated love
▪  Characters: Came to life. Flawed and unpredictable.
▪  Plot: Bully turns into the bullied overnight and experiences a harsh reality.
▪ Writing: Phenomenal. Polished. Realistic dialogue.
▪ POV: 1st Person: Heroine
▪  Cliffhanger: None. Standalone

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