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Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

*4 Stars*

Big Little Lies is an engaging story filled with murder and mystery, centering on the lives of three “school moms” and their problematic circumstances.


I never watched the show, but this book gave me a sort of sinister, Desperate Housewives vibe—if murder were to take place in their community.


This story is told in third-person narrative, and methodically shifts focus between these three unstable women as the plot slowly creeps up to the night of the murder.


The writing was fantastic: Intelligent, realistic, and certainly held my interest. The characters were believable and imperfect. I felt that each of their reactions to the problems they were given were spot-on…maybe even a little too perfect, at times.


For example: Each character displayed predictable responses to the conditions of which they were exposed—reacting exactly how you’d expect them to, given their circumstance. On top of that, everyone’s backstory seemed to thoroughly explain their future behaviors, giving this story a large dose of “realness”, however, I couldn’t help but feel it lacked some originality.


What I loved most about this story was the natural ease of the dialogue, and the truly mysterious plot that kept me guessing straight to the end. Not only are we unaware of the identity of the “murderer”, but the murdered remains a mystery for the majority of the read, as well.


The cattiness between this cast of women was well-executed, as was the degree of competition amongst them. There was plenty of drama to go around. I LOVED the journey, but felt the outcome wasn’t quite as fulfilling as the buildup.


That said, it has been a couple days since I’ve finished this book and I find that I’m still thinking about it—a sure sign of a good read!

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Book Stats:

▪  Genre/Category: Adult Contemporary/Mystery
▪  Steam Caliber: No steam
▪ Romance: Not a romance
▪  Characters: Well constructed
▪  Plot: Murder mystery that follows the lives of three school-moms who’ve become friends.
▪ Writing: Fluid, intelligent, engaging.
▪ POV: 3rd Person Perpective
▪  Cliffhanger: None/Standalone


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2 thoughts on “Big Little Lies (Review)

  1. Brandie says:

    Glad you enjoyed this one. It was long and intense, but I really liked it. This author has some very unique stories!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kristin says:

      Thanks, Brandie! I have to try something else by this author. I’ll prob read the Husband’s Secrets (if that’s what it’s called) Glad you enjoyed 🙂


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