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October 22, 2014


  1. enhanced-buzz-5005-1385062171-4THIS inspiring list of random acts of kindness! –> CLICK HERE <– for post. With so much negativity floating around,
    especially in the media/on the news, it’s nice to see people recording the good stuff. This list brought tears to my
    eyes and really left me with a strong sense of hope for humanity. ❤

    • • •

  2. a novelOn a lighter, slightly more “makeup-y” note, I have a strange obsession for MAC lipsticks, and sort of have a little collection going on. (Husband hates this pricey addiction, lol) For me, the quality is worth the cash and when I’m able to splurge a little on cosmetics, the MAC website is typically where I end up. My newest purchase is called A Novel Romance: a light-medium pink lipstick with cool, blue undertones and a soft shine–not to mention, an awesome name! This shade is soft and natural with a cremesheen finish. LOVE! 

    • • • 

  3. boxxxAutumn! I’ve always loved the highlights of Fall–Halloween especially–so I’m enjoying this time of year. Last year my daughter and I made this fun Halloween shoebox diorama, and I’m looking forward to making another with her soon!

    • • •

  4. THESE 20 Halloween Desserts–including these awesome, easy to make, Witch Hat Cookies! YUM




• • •

  1. Brussel Sprouts: I tried … again, to like them. But I hate them. Maybe I’m allergic…
  2. Nightmares: I’ve been having them often, lately. And they’re way too vivid :/
  3. Sometimes I Loathe the Loathe section of these posts. It’s not that I don’t have negative feelings towards things, but with all the crazy things happening in the world lately, my complaints about stinky vegetables just don’t feel justified. So I’ll stop here 😉Thanks so much for reading, guys! xoxo



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