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Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
*4 Stars*

Gillian Flynn scares me…


But it’s a good scare! A keep-you-up-all-night-anxiously-reading-because-closing-the-book-is-not-an-option kinda scare.

If you thought Gone Girl was twisted, make room for Dark Places because this suspenseful thriller takes “freaky” to whole new level.

I went in thinking I was fully prepared…

I wasn’t.


This book is so astoundingly demented, it truly makes me wonder exactly how Miss Flynn thinks up such uniquely bold scenarios. The plot is so “out-there”, yet way too close…creating a palpable level of discomfort for the reader—but I, for one, could not look away.


This author knows how to stretch the creep-factor to its limits—just short of over-the-top—delivering a crazy, yet still fathomable plot. She masters descriptions until the details begin materializing—and suddenly you’re visualizing them whether you’re trying to or not.


Libby Day…what a truly unique and unforgettable character. So mentally and emotionally deranged, you cant help but want to reach out to her…(with a six foot pole, of course.)


Because she feels so damn real. Her thoughts, her actions—so cynical and bitter. But who wouldn’t be after experiencing the torment she has…

“I assumed everything bad in the world could happen, because everything bad in the world already did happen.” 


Libby’s family was brutally murdered in their home, but little seven-year old Libby somehow survived the gruesome massacre. Largely due to Libby’s testimony, her wallflower brother becomes tried and convicted for these satanic murders.


Now Libby is a grown woman who is beginning to question the details of that fateful night long ago. A night she has buried deep inside, desperate to forget. But there are things that refuse to be forgotten…


And so begins the suspenseful journey, as the plot intensely glides through past and present, alternating between a first and third person perspective—Libby serving as the story’s narrator.


And her unhappy, defeated voice is one I will not forget. But, in all fairness to Libby, it’s unlikely that any one of these characters will become a fictional friend.


With this particular story, I think the writing won me over even more so than the plot. Although I was completely sucked into the mystery, marathon-guessing like it was my job, the ending somehow left me ever-so-slightly disappointed. It’s difficult to place my finger on why. I wanted BIG, but maybe this was a little too big? I’m still unsure. In any case, this author is a true genius in the art of storytelling, and I will read anything she writes.


But for now, I’m off to read something happy(ish)…

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Book Stats:

▪  Genre/Category: Mystery/Thriller
▪  Steam Caliber: Racy and bold
▪ Romance: Twisted
▪  Characters: Unlovable but unforgettable
▪  Plot: A twisty and suspenseful murder mystery
▪ Writing: Flawless, poetic, bold, and edgy
▪ POV: Switches between 3rd and 1st person: heroine
▪  Cliffhanger: None/Standalone

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