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Point of Retreat (Slammed Book, #2) by Colleen Hoover

My Rating: 4 of 5 stars


AMAZING!! And happy to finally be in the Butterflying club!


Point of Retreat, aptly named such for various reasons, is an incredible follow-up to Slammed! Where the first book moved me with its remarkable inspiration, Point of Retreat touched me with its tender love story. The characters are again faced with difficult trials and obstacles to overcome…and I will say that the slams continue, in every sense of the word.


This sequel makes a smooth transition into Will’s perspective, and I truly enjoyed getting the chance to experience the story through his eyes. His gentle voice and thoughtful character made me fall even further in love with him. Will and Lake have chosen to take on parental roles; accepting responsibilities which force them to grow up sooner than they should…proving that sometimes life really doesn’t happen in chronological order. I admired their strength and their ability to maintain such selflessness when faced with dire circumstances.


Layken’s Mom, Julia, continues to be a major part of this story. Her wisdom and unconditional love follow Lake and Will on their bumpy, but loving journey. I found Julia’s strong spirit to be the most inspirational element of all.


Once again, I am floored by this author’s unique ability to make me feel, not only a fan, but an actual part of this story. Although the last page has been swiped, these distinctive characters live on…

“If I were a carpenter, I would build you a window to my soul. But I would leave that window shut and locked, so that every time you tried to look through it…all you would see is your own reflection. You would see that my soul is a reflection of you…”


(P.S. Kiersten, can I be your parallel neighbor, too??)

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Book Stats:

▪ Genre/Category: Romance/NA
▪ Steam Caliber: Moderate steam
▪ Romance: Inspiring and sweet. Mild angst.
▪ Characters: Brilliant, witty, and lovable.
▪ Plot: Beautifully continues on from Slammed.
▪ Writing: Eloquent, poetic, inspiring.
▪ POV: 1st Person: Will
▪ Cliffhanger: None


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