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Seduced in the Dark (The Dark Duet Book, #2) C.J. Roberts

My Rating: 5 of 5 stars


“He told her he wasn’t her prince charming, but what he hadn’t said, was he wished he could be…”


Many readers struggle to decide whether or not this series is one they’d recommend due to its explicit, no-holds-barred topics and darkly disturbing scenarios–and rightfully so. Upon completion of this emotionally conflicting series, I can safely say that I in fact WOULD recommend these books; although not without fair warning.


As you have probably already discovered, these books are not easy reads. Captive in The Dark took every notion I’ve held regarding ‘dark literature’ and rendered them naive. I became emotionally defeated and undone. Seduced in The Dark took this emotions miles further…


Seduced kicks off with a heartbreaking visual of Livvie in her declining and destructive mental state. She has been captured yet again, this time by the law. The story begins in present time, and it methodically flows in and out of horrific flashbacks that command the majority of this story.


Never before have I been so emotionally conflicted while reading a book. The author presents a hundred and one legit reasons to hate Caleb, and then, while you’re least expecting it, sneaks in surprising shimmers of Caleb’s ‘human’ side causing you to question your stance entirely. You can actually FEEL Caleb’s internal frustration as he struggles to push away the unfamiliar feelings of love creeping in; willing himself to focus on his original plan of revenge.


At first, it felt wrong rooting for the twisted, demented underdog. But as I slowly began to realize that Caleb was not evil trying to overcome, but goodness—wrapped securely within a self-preserving blanket of misery, which he fought hard to maintain—I was able to see him in a whole new light.


As far as torment is concerned, Livvie faces more brutal, degrading encounters within this installment…as does Caleb. We are presented with details of Caleb’s past and it is actually more heartbreaking than I could have imagined. I vowed to never love Caleb. But in the end, with my emotions running rapid, I can honestly say that my dutiful vow had long been forgotten.


The Dark Duet has given me a solid pair of reading wings; I truly feel freer and more courageous in stepping outside of my comfort zone without feeling overwhelmed…and I have this series to thank for that!

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Book Stats:

▪ Genre/Category: Dark Erotica
▪ Steam Caliber: Maximum/disturbing
▪ Romance: Unconventional, but slowly evolves.
▪ Characters: Greater, in-depth perception into the heart of their pain.
▪ Plot: Continues. Deals with the residual tragedy, and offers numerous, heartbreaking flashbacks.
▪ Writing: Raw, fearless, and profound.
▪ POV: First person: Heroine.
▪ Cliffhanger: None
▪ Next Installment: An epilogue from Caleb’s perspective.

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